Made to Order

Our systems are custom made to order using the highest grade new components on the market. We've spared no expense equipping these babies.

3 Year Warranty

We back up every piece of equipment we make. If you have a problem, it becomes our problem. Just give us a call and we'll make it right.

Blazing Speeds

Crystal Eye is to built process trillions of bytes of data and shrug it off like a morning jog. Our appliance and software combo is fast!

Featured Products

Our Series30 is one of our most popular systems. It is a UTM appliance that is backed by our Crystal Eye solution and it is perfect for securing your home office or business from a variety of threats and risk through our integrated services. 

USD $2891.85

One of our Crystal Eye UTM appliance that provides Content Filtering for network control, Advanced Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems, Security Compliance and Risk Managment, Vulnerability Analysis, a built-in SIEM and many more.

USD $4722.90

Crystal Eye Deployed Device and is a Unified Threat Management solution for your enterprise or home office. It will help you in protecting your network from a variety of threats and risks through our integrated services. 

USD $2087.75

The new Crystal Eye Series 80 is an advanced high-end Crystal eye security solution with high-performance dual Xeon E5-2697v4 CPU, 128Gb memory, x8 40Gb LAN ports, x4 10Gb LAN ports, x2 Gb LAN ports, for high-end security for telecoms or large IT needs. 

USD $28909.95